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"I have worked with several debt collection agencies. None of them have the track record for recovering our payments from delinquent accounts like RSD!"

About Us


The RSD Team is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are thoroughly trained and experienced in credit risk management and debt collection.

Commercial Debt Collection Agency


We pride ourselves on learning the fine details of your company's business and industry, which enhances our understanding of your commercial collection needs.



How do I begin using RSD's commerical debt collection services? Call 888-701-8181



Find the best resources for commercial debt collection news.

Pay Online


We use a secure online payment portal to make debt collection simple.

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Place a commercial debt collection claim on our website to begin the collection process.



At Ross, Stuart and Dawson, we are a Michigan company that is glad to serve clients from around the world using our highly credit collection strategies.



Our diverse team of certified collection professionals has extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in your field.



Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the country, and debt collection for manufacturers is one of our great areas of expertise.

Radio Broadcast Stations


From our years of experience helping radio stations across the United States, we know how important it is to ensure your bills are paid in a timely manner.

Media Advertising


Ross, Stuart & Dawson can collect your media claims and provide your business with unbeatable results without compromising your customer relationships.

Wholesale Trade


At Ross, Stuart & Dawson, we are a dedicated commercial collection agency with long-standing experience with securing claims for wholesale trades organizations.

Employee Staffing Companies


To keeping your staffing agency running smoothly, you need those clients to fulfill their promise to pay their bills on time. We can help!

Equipment Rental Leasing


Ross, Stuart & Dawson's experience and ability to seek payment on past-due invoices for equipment leasing and rental companies can get you the money you deserve.

All Business Services


Our team has the knowledge and ability to collect debt for any business in any industry.

Transportation & Warehousing


Ross, Stuart & Dawson understands the unique debt collection challenges transportation & warehousing companies face.

Commercial Insurance


As specialists in commercial debt in Michigan who have years of experience with insurance carriers, agents, and brokers, we are here to help .

Professional, Scientific & Technical Services


Though there are a number of industries in this category, RSD has the knowledge and experience in each of these industry groups to help.

Learn More


Learn more about commercial debt collection and credit risk management.

RSD Praised by the CLLA


RSD was featured in a social post from the Commercial Law League of America.

Need Help Collecting Commercial Insurance Debt?


Looking for a debt collector in Michigan? The professionals at Ross, Stuart & Dawson have years of experience in commercial insurance collections.

Keep Moving with RSD! Transportation and Warehousing Debt Collection


The transportation and warehousing industry is expansive, and can make commercial debt collection complex.

Keep Your Manufacturing Company Running Smoothly with RSD


At Ross, Stuart and Dawson, commercial debt collection in the manufacturing industry is one of our areas of expertise.

Collection in the Employee Staffing Industry


RSD understands the complexities of your industry and the best ways to proceed in collection.

Collection in the Media Industry


Your media job depends on timely payments from advertisers, or it can stall progress in your fast-paced industry.

The Technological Changes in Collecting


Technology is constantly changing. Even in the world of collections, if you don’t keep up with tech updates, you risk being left behind.

How to Approach Debtors


Each type of debtor may need a different approach in order to collect.

Why use a Collection Agency?


Collection agencies can help you communicate, negotiate, mediate, calculate risk, and more.

Commercial Debt Collections


Our commercial debt collections firm handles virtually all aspects of collection, from the initial demand for payment, all the way through complex litigation if needed.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Governs Even the Most Expert Debt Collectors


Are you looking for an expert debt collector to pursue your unpaid invoices? With RSD, you’ve come to the right place!

Four Steps Your Debt Collection Agency Recommends When You’re Pursuing Money Owed to Your Business


Here's a few of the simple steps a good debt collection agency will follow to improve the chances of a successful collection.

How to Collect Debt from a Delinquent Commercial Account


At RSD, our staff has over 40 years of experience handling commercial and b2b debt collection. If you're having difficulty collecting on an unpaid claim, call today!

Making the Call: The First Step to Collecting on a Delinquent Account


When you have a client who's been delinquent in their payments to your company, it's important to tread carefully to ensure your best chances of collecting your money.

The Broken Promise: The Next Step in Collecting on a Delinquent Account


Now that you've had the conversation with your debtor, the work really begins. All debtors break promises. To keep that to a minimum is to have excellent follow-up.

Coping with Angry or Hostile Debtors When Collecting on a Delinquent Account


You've taken a firm stance with your debtor about your expectations for payment. What do you do if, instead of cooperating, the debtor takes an aggressive posture?

Business Debt Collection in Person: The Final Step for a Delinquent Account


If all else fails and if it is practical, the final step is to arrange a personal interview with the customer.

How Has Landing a Commercial Debt Collection Client Changed Since We Started?


RSD has been in the commercial debt collection industry for more than 45 years, having started in 1975 when the world was a very different place.

Keeping Up With Compliances As a Commercial Collection Agency in Michigan


One of the ways in which our industry has changed over the years is the increase in the number of consumer protection laws on both the federal and state level.

Why Is It So Important to Use a Kind Approach When Collecting Debt From Companies?


At RSD, we have proven standards that have helped maintain a successful record of commercial debt collection and kept our valued clients coming back.

Maintaining a kind approach in commercial debt collection


Last week we talked about how important it is to keep a calm, kind approach when collecting debt. That's not always easy to do.

When is it time to call a Commercial Debt Collection Agency?


We've given our professional advice about the best ways to collect delinquent accounts. But there are some debts that are better left to the experts!

Commercial Collection: How old should a debt be?


When should I place a delinquent commercial account for collection? The answer can be tricky, and can have some bearing on the amount you collect.

Commercial Debt Collection Michigan


See all the areas RSD serves, including the upper peninsula!

Collection Agency in Detroit, Michigan


We are a commercial debt collection agency that proudly serves the Metro Detroit area that we call home.

Collection Agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan


We are a commercial debt collection agency that is proud to serve the greater Grand Rapids area with our dedicated and experienced team.

Collection Agency in Jackson, Michigan


As a commercial debt collection agency in the state of Michigan, we take pride in serving our neighbors in Jackson and its nearby communities.

Collection Agency in Kalamazoo, Michigan


As a commercial debt collection agency, we are proud to serve the city of Kalamazoo and the surrounding communities with our tested strategies for collecting debt.

Collection Agency in Lansing, Michigan


We are proud to offer debt collection services to the Lansing area, helping businesses in and around the capital of Michigan collect unpaid debts.

Collection Agency in Saginaw, Michigan


We are a commercial debt collection agency that is pleased to serve the greater Saginaw area, employing our dedicated and experienced team to help.

Collection Agency in Traverse City, Michigan


As a dedicated and experienced commercial debt collection agency, we are proud to serve Traverse City and the surrounding communities collect on delinquent accounts.

Collection Agency in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan


As a commercial debt collection agency in the state of Michigan, we have helped businesses in the Upper Peninsula collect on delinquent accounts.

Commercial Collections in Michigan


If you're a Michigan business owner who has commercial collections to collect, trust the local experts at Ross, Stuart & Dawson.

Why is it so important to use a kind approach when collecting debt from companies?


Not only do our debt collectors adhere to all federal and state laws that apply to our business, we also have internal rules that guide how we treat others.

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We offer debt collection services as well as outsourcing, consultation, and portfolio liquidation.



Clients who find themselves in need of a short-term specific solution for their credit & collection department may find this program to be a cost effective solution.

Portfolio Liquidation


We can have our professional staff on-site at the engagement location within 24 hours and implement a highly cost effective valuation and recovery process.

Credit Reports Investigation


RSD works with several investigative resources to provide background checks, asset searches, bank account verifications, and many other kinds of investigative requirements.



Our collection company in Michigan can assist our clients with issues that are directly or indirectly impeding its sales, cash flow, and general operation.

Training and Education


We cover industry trends & developments and offer accounting & finance fundamentals training.

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