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Recognizing the Delinquent Debtor

Are you a commercial business communicating with new potential customers?

What qualities does a poor customer display?

Surveys taken by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) and other groups identify certain characteristics of people who may potentially create bad debts. 

Generally, such debtors belong to the following groups: 

  • habitually slow in paying 
  • financially immature 
  • irresponsible about employment and usually irresponsible about family obligations 
  • unavoidably involved in debt 
  • incapable of handling his or her own problems
  • skips, runs away from debts 
  • deliberately buys with no intention to pay (a credit criminal) 
  • tries to reduce debt through unfair complaints 

Absent from this list are those who lose their jobs through no fault of their own and those who have unexpected financial reverses. In most cases, such people will voluntarily communicate with you and arrange for future settlement. To these people, you owe a moral obligation of leniency. They communicate with you. The potential delinquent debtor does not. It is the non-communicative, recalcitrant, and argumentative debtor that a requires a qualified collection agency to recover a good portion of bad debt.

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