Commercial Debt Collection Agency

Why Choose Ross, Stuart & Dawson for Your Commercial Collections?

  • RSD has 48 years of experience collecting every type of debt imaginable both domestic and international
  • All claims are collected on a contingency basis. No success = No fee
  • RSD is a certified agency through the CLLA (Commercial Law League of America)
  • RSD is also a member of the IACC (International Association of Commercial Collectors)
  • Collecting with empathy and kindness has served us well over the past 4 decades and our clients appreciate our fair but firm demeanor and most importantly, our results.

A company's Accounts Receivables are usually its second, if not its first, most important asset on the balance sheet. But rather than just a number, it reflects all the resources a company harnesses to manufacture, ship, and sell its products — all on a promise it will be paid at some point in the near future. An experienced commercial debt collection agency will make the difference for you.

At RSD, we completely understand the frustration when an account is not paid. Depending upon the amount outstanding and the time past due, not only is cash flow impeded but a company's financial well being can also be severely impacted. With the latter in mind, RSD's Commercial Collection Services comprise the following goals, standards, and procedures:

RSD Goals, Standards, & Procedures

Commercial debt collection

Certified debt collection agency serving

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