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Commercial Debt Collection Agency

Why Choose Ross, Stuart & Dawson for Your Commercial Collections?

  • RSD has 45 years of experience collecting every type of debt imaginable both domestic and international
  • All claims are collected on a contingency basis. No success = No fee
  • RSD is a certified agency through the CLLA (Commercial Law League of America)
  • RSD is also a member of the IACC (International Association of Commercial Collectors)
  • Collecting with empathy and kindness has served us well over the past 4 decades and our clients appreciate our fair but firm demeanor and most importantly, our results.

A company's Accounts Receivables are usually its second, if not its first, most important asset on the balance sheet. But rather than just a number, it reflects all the resources a company harnesses to manufacture, ship, and sell its products — all on a promise it will be paid at some point in the near future. An experienced commercial debt collection agency will make the difference for you.

At RSD, we completely understand the frustration when an account is not paid. Depending upon the amount outstanding and the time past due, not only is cash flow impeded but a company's financial well being can also be severely impacted. With the latter in mind, RSD's Commercial Collection Services comprise the following goals, standards, and procedures:

Your Company Is Unique — We pride ourselves on learning the fine details of your company's business and industry, which in turn enhances our understanding of your commercial collection needs and how they fit into your total credit risk management system.

Your Customers Are Our Customers — As your representative, we are very sensitive to maintaining the highest level of professionalism towards your customers in the careful collection of every account.

Experience and Knowledge Are Indispensable — Our diverse team of certified collection professionals has extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in the fields of business law, manufacturing, retail, distribution, export, construction, agriculture, and many other industries that support the persuasive and effective discussion towards the resolution of your claims.

Superior Technology Is Imperative — From the time your claim is submitted, our secure and proprietary online system allows you to monitor the progress of our collection activity and remittances so that you always know the status of how your claim is being handled.

Amicable Collection Is Priority Number One — Listening, understanding, and responding appropriately to the reasons as to why a customer is not able to pay or does not want to pay is the real art in the collection process. Constructively advising on how to resolve various issues that are impeding a customer's payment is part of our persuasive expertise in bringing about a speedy and amicable collection result.

Resolution of Disputes Is Key — Subsequent to receiving complaints against the product or service in writing, every effort is made to resolve them without litigation. All legitimate complaints are closely followed to their resolution in order to remove any objections that the customer may use to withhold payment.

When Suit Becomes Necessary — After all efforts have been made to resolve an account amicably and it has been determined that suit is the next step, all the steps necessary to proceed with the litigation of your claim are outlined for you. This includes a detailed estimate of the costs involved and the general timetable to manage your claim through the suit process. As RSD has been working with highly vetted and bonded creditors rights attorneys throughout the U.S. and globally for the past forty years, every attorney chosen to handle your claim is an extension of our own core values and operation.

We Take Over the Litigation Process — All suits are carefully monitored, status updates are posted immediately, and no decisions or settlements are made without your written authorization. In other words, we remove the hassles that are often associated with processing a claim through the court system.

We Welcome Your International Claims — Through our membership in the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC), we work closely with other certified agencies and attorneys in over 120 countries whose operations and values are strictly in line with the IACC's code of ethics. As your international credit & collection "partner", we are able to confidently cross through the language, culture, and legal system regardless of where in the world your customers are located.

Being Professionally Accredited Is a Must — As a certified member of the IACC and other professional associations, we have forged a reputation of integrity and results within a highly competitive industry.

Total Client Satisfaction Is Everything — Establishing, building and maintaining a relationship of trust and reliability with your company is our number one goal. Our commercial debt collection agency will always strive to fulfill your needs that in turn will increase your cash flow, minimize the risk of selling on credit, and support your long-term growth and profitability.

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