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Why Use a Commercial Collection Agency Serving Nashville, Tennessee?

Are you concerned about receiving payments on time or even receiving them at all?

Businesses like yours depend on on-time payments!

Have you ever considered hiring a commercial collection agency?

Collection agencies not only help you collect debt, but improve your cash flow as well.

Here are RSD’s recommendations:

Stagger Payment Terms – Preferably, you want to receive payments from your customers before you pay your suppliers. To do this, have the customer pay you in net 30 terms, while you pay your supplier in net 60 or 90 terms. 

Consider Milestone or Upfront Payments – To make sure you have money coming in, you can ask the client to pay before the job is complete. Milestone payments can take place when the good/service you’re providing the customer has hit an agreed-upon milestone – for example, when the job is half completed, the customer pays half the total payment.  You can also require payment before you begin the project. This can help demonstrate how serious the customer is regarding payment.

Commercial Collections Agency – Serving Nashville, Tennessee 

Get back to business!

Leaving debt collection to the experts allows you to keep focused on your business.

For an experienced commercial collection agency in Nashville, choose RSD!

Our ability to collect all domestic and international claims means we will work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve.

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