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Outsourcing Debt Collection

Is your credit and collection department overwhelmed trying to collect debt?

Debt recovery can be a time-consuming process that interferes with daily operations and cash flow. If discouraged enough, your company might even consider writing off debt.

When you outsource your debt collection to a collection company like RSD, you’ll save time, money, resources, and stress. 

Professional collection companies like RSD have decades of experience in collecting debt. This experience can help your debt be collected faster, more efficiently, and it can take the stress off of your employees so they can continue doing what they do best. 

Clients who find themselves in need of a short-term specific solution for their credit & collection department may find this program to be a cost effective solution for:

  • Early out programs (7-90 days past due)
  • Small balance accounts which don’t justify the allocation of staff resources
  • Clients who find themselves short-handed due to lay-offs, resignations, etc.
  • Transition programs involving mergers and acquisitions, distressed portfolios, and disaster recovery.

Debt Collection Company

If you need assistance from a collection company, let us help! Certified by the Commercial Law League of America and endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Ross, Stuart & Dawson has the know-how to get you the money you deserve.

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