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There are steps you can take to make customers take you more seriously and potentially comply with your demands. The first step to deciding the right approach is to determine why the debtor has not paid. Debtors don’t pay either because they can’t pay or because they don’t want to.

Can’t Pay ‒ Most non-payments result from a real or imagined lack of cash flow. These debtors usually want to pay, but feel like they can’t. If this is the case, act as their problem solver. They have debt, you have solutions! You need to convey to them that you are partners and only want to help them.

Won’t Pay ‒ Debtors who won’t pay often create problems that they believe justify nonpayment. The problem could be real, but is usually invented by the debtor. The best thing you can do is patiently listen. If their problem is actually valid, offer to fix it to their complete satisfaction if they pay in full. If it isn’t valid, politely tell them why. If they are still being difficult, offer a settlement for less than the full balance as a way to resolve the issue without further action.

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If you’ve done all of the above and still need help, Ross, Stuart & Dawson can assist you! Our kind, professional-approach is empathetic yet firm and manufactured for success! For a commercial collections agency serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin, call RSD today at 888-701-8181 or contact us to start taking care of your delinquent accounts.

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