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Portfolio Liquidation

Bankruptcies, mergers & acquisitions, corporate turnarounds, and asset seizures by secured lenders or government authorities usually involve the liquidation of a wide range of portfolios, from a few hundred to thousands of accounts receivable records.

Hitting the Ground Running – We can have our professional staff on-site at the engagement location within 24 hours and through our cutting edge technology, implement a highly cost effective valuation and recovery process. All activities, compliance requirements, and subsequent litigation will be executed in accordance to our strict code of collection procedures.

Target clients – These Include creditors, secured and unsecured lenders, banks, credit unions, asset based lenders, Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy trustees, government agencies, turn-around managers and firms, law firms, corporations divesting of regional operations or business units, and debtors in possession.

More Profitable – A portfolio liquidation engagement will on average net our clients a much higher return rather than selling the portfolio at a fraction of its value to a debt purchaser.