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Radio Broadcast Stations Collection

You extend credit to advertisers looking to reach new audiences through radio advertisements. You fulfill your deal of running the advertisement and send an invoice to the advertiser. What happens when the advertiser doesn’t pay? 

You need your advertisers to stay current on their accounts so they can stay on the air. A trustworthy debt collection agency like ours is the best partner for you when it comes to delinquent accounts.

Recover Media Debt

There are multiple reasons an advertiser might decline payment. Sometimes their advertisement doesn’t perform as well as they hoped and they’ll dispute payment. Many debts in the media field are unsecured debts, so the debtor may think there are no consequences for non-payment. You may be used to writing off debt, but a collection company can help!

Trust Your Collection Accounts to RSD

From our years of experience helping radio stations across the United States, we know how important it is to ensure your bills are paid in a timely manner. That's why we deal with past due accounts for radio stations with diligence and respect, helping you clear accounts so you can focus on delivering news, music, and entertainment to listeners.

Place a claim today and allow us to demonstrate why radio stations continue to entrust us with their collection accounts.

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