Why Use a Commercial Collection Agency Serving Lexington, Kentucky?

Do you feel like you’re constantly chasing debtors? 

We understand the struggle, and we’ve been handling this problem for our clients for over 45 years. You don’t have to struggle alone!

Commercial collection agencies can help you find hard to reach debtors through skip tracing.

Skip tracing finds debtors who have disappeared or have skipped town. Skip tracing includes steps designed to verify and/or correct creditor information before searching sources for new information that may help find that debtor. 

Some resources include:

  1. Court records
  2. Credit reports
  3. Criminal background checks
  4. Job applications
  5. Loan applications
  6. Public records databases
  7. Utility bills
  8. Subscription-based private databases (TLO, Accurint, LexisNexis, etc.)

Commercial Collection Agency - Serving Lexington, Kentucky

We want to find your debtor and make past promises a reality. When you work with a commercial collection agency serving Lexington, you can spend more time on your business while we track down debtors. 

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