Transportation & Warehousing Collections

You’re always moving! The Transportation and Warehousing sector includes the transportation of passengers and cargo, logistics companies, warehousing and storage of goods, and support activities related to air, rail, water, road, and pipeline travel. 

Your business thrives on a steady pace of goods coming in and out. One late payment can potentially affect all operations. Collection can be difficult when your debtor is in a different state or country due to varying laws and regulations. You may even require international collection! To quickly collect, you need someone with experience in your field.

Choose RSD as Your Debt Collector

Whether it be supply chain slowdowns, differing laws and regulations, or cash flow issues, Ross, Stuart & Dawson understands the unique challenges transportation & warehousing companies face. 

Our clients in these industries rely on our debt collectors' 47 years of experience and certification from the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). Only 26 agencies worldwide are certified by the CLLA! 

Recover Transportation Debt

If you need help receiving a payment on an outstanding invoice, place a claim with us today!

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