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Equipment Rental Leasing Collections

When you trust clients with your equipment, you also rely on their prompt payment to help keep your business running smoothly. To keep up with cash flow, you may have started writing off debt to stay afloat. With a partner commercial debt collection agency at your side, your chances of collecting on delinquent accounts is much greater.

Not only are you after the money you’re owed, but perhaps your equipment as well! A debt collector can help collect the costs of damaged or missing equipment. You may require other services, such as risk management assessments and credit screenings and investigations. RSD can provide all these!

Certified Debt Collector

RSD is one of 26 certified collection agencies through the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). This means RSD provides maximum dollar recovery, prompt collection of debt, reputable collection practices, and more. 

Ross, Stuart & Dawson's experience and ability to seek payment on past-due invoices for equipment leasing and rental companies is further enhanced by our empathetic and understanding approach. Most importantly, we have proven results.

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