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Keep Your Manufacturing Company Running Smoothly with RSD

A man working in manufacturing | Commercial debt collection Michigan

Do you work in manufacturing?

Do you have millions of dollars’ worth of product leaving your plant every year?

At RSD, we know that manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the country, but is operated by mostly small businesses like yours. Your hard work fuels this country! You work hard and deserve to be paid for your efforts.

RSD Can Help Keep Your Cash Flow Steady

When your customers don’t pay on time, it can hurt your business very quickly. You need stable cash flow to continue operating. Time lost is money lost in your industry, so you don’t have time to chase debtors. Depending on the debtor, you could be chasing hundreds of thousands of dollars. That might cause you to cut down on production or take fewer orders, decreasing your cash flow, and your business could go under.

RSD Can Help Debtors Take You Seriously

As a last resort, you might write off debt when you shouldn’t have to. If your customers are large organizations, they might try to take advantage of the fact that you are a small business. They might not view you or the promise of payment that they made to you seriously and simply move to another manufacturer to avoid payment.

Manufacturing is a 24/7 job. You’re busy and can’t collect alone. You need help from a commercial debt collection company in Michigan.

Commercial Debt Collection in Michigan

At Ross, Stuart and Dawson, debt collection in the manufacturing industry is one of our areas of expertise. We act fast so you can get back to work. RSD is certified by the Commercial Law League of America and can even help with international debt collection. We’ll collect with kindness to keep a healthy relationship between you and your debtor.

For commercial debt collection in Michigan, contact RSD today!

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