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Collection in the Employee Staffing Industry

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Work in employee staffing?

Do you provide your clients with great hires?

Are you getting paid for your efforts?

You provide great candidates for your client’s temporary and temporary-to-hire positions, as well as recruit, screen, and interview direct hires for them. You deserve to be paid! Many companies who have a cash flow problem may view your payments as low priority, but you need that money to stay afloat. RSD understands the complexities of your industry and the best ways to proceed in collection.


Here are some unique struggles employee staffing companies face:

Not paid for time worked ‒ Sometimes, if an employee you placed in your client’s organization decides to leave, the client might not pay you for the time the employee worked. Even if the employee didn’t pan out, your client accepted the employee and put them to work. That time must be paid for. RSD can collect with an understanding, empathetic, and effective approach to get you paid and keep your relationship with the client strong.

Contract breaches ‒ Contracts are completed before the new employee is placed, but contract fees aren’t paid until after employee placement and completion of their probationary period. After this time, the client might not be able to pay. They made a promise to you, and RSD can turn past promises into present payments!

Backdoor hiring ‒ You’ve provided a great candidate to your client, but the client has hired the candidate directly without your knowledge to avoid paying your recruitment fee. Even if the candidate was hired for a different position, it’s still backdoor hiring. RSD can explain this to the client and get them to cooperate.

Disputed debts ‒ Your client might try to dispute their debt by asserting reasons for nonpayment. These can include things like claiming that the wrong candidate was picked, or that the permanent placement fees for directly hiring a candidate are too high. RSD will listen to their disputes, decide if they are valid, and negotiate an agreement.

Business debt collection

Ross, Stuart & Dawson can work with any business in any industry to retrieve the money you are owed. This is perfect for staffing agencies, as you work with companies across all industries to place qualified workers. Our professionals are knowledgeable in manufacturing, distribution, construction, media collection, all business debt collection, and much more.

With over 45 years’ experience in commercial collection, RSD has the experience you need to professionally handle your commercial past due accounts. Call us today at 888-701-8181 to get started.

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