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Misconceptions about Debt Collectors

Does your business need help from a debt collector?

Are you worried a debt collector will be hard to work with?

There are many misconceptions about debt collectors that lead people to have poor opinions of them. You may be surprised how helpful and worthwhile working with a debt collector can be!

Common misconceptions include:

Collectors Are Too Aggressive – You want a collector to treat your customers with kindness and respect. You can expect highly professional communication between RSD and your debtor to maintain your working relationship.

Collectors Don’t Care About You, Only Money – You need a debt collector who will take the time to learn the fine details of your company to collect as effectively as possible. You may also need help increasing your cash flow, strengthening your credit risk management system, and decreasing your likeliness of nonpayment. RSD can help with all these! RSD collects on a contingency basis, so if you don’t get the money you deserve, there’s no fee. 

Collectors Use Unethical Tactics – Ethical collection should be the only choice for debt collectors. RSD is certified by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), which only certifies agencies that adhere to strict collection regulations and ethics. Only 26 collection agencies nationwide are certified by the CLLA! 

Collection Agencies are Hard to Work With – Total client satisfaction is everything! You need to be busy with your business, not collecting debt. RSD will take over the process completely so you can get back to work. Filing a claim is easy, and you can upload any necessary documents quickly into RSD’s secure online portal!

The Collection Process Will Be Long – Once you file a claim, RSD will work fast to get you the money you deserve! You can see up to the minute updates on your claim in your online portal.

Commercial Debt Collection Services

Commercial debt collection with RSD is prompt, kind, and communicative!

Don’t wait any longer! The more delinquent an account becomes, the probability of collecting decreases. 

Contact RSD today to start your commercial debt collection!  

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