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Why Work a CLLA Certified Debt Collector?

Are you hesitant to hire a debt collector?

What difference does a CLLA certification make?

CLLA stands for the Commercial Law League of America. Commercial debt collectors that are certified by the CLLA perform at an exceptionally high standard by following strict rules and regulations, excelling at communication, and providing effective services.

Expertise and Specialization

CLLA certification shows a high standard of professionalism in commercial debt collection. Agencies that hold this certification are well-versed in commercial law, regulations, and best practices of debt collection. Their specialized knowledge lets them navigate complex legal framework, ensuring compliance while maximizing recovery efforts.

Industry Recognition and Credibility

Businesses can trust CLLA certified agencies to uphold ethical standards and deliver results. Certification by CLLA boosts an agency's credibility and reflects its commitment to excellence. When working with a certified agency, businesses can be confident that their reputation and interests are in capable hands.

Tailored Solution

CLLA certified agencies understand that every business and debt scenario is unique. They offer personalized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. Whether it's recovering overdue payments, negotiating settlements, or implementing repayment plans, certified agencies design strategies specifically for their clients' goals.

Legal Compliance

Navigating the legal landscape of debt collection can be challenging and risky for businesses. CLLA certified agencies are well-versed in federal and state laws governing debt collection practices, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). By partnering with a certified agency, businesses are safer from legal disputes and can trust that the agency follows the law.

Improved Recovery Rates

CLLA certified agencies use proven methods to optimize the debt recovery process. Their expertise in negotiation, communication, and dispute resolution allows them to achieve higher recovery rates while preserving client relationships.

Focus on Customer Relationships

Maintaining positive relationships with customers is essential for long-term business success. CLLA certified agencies prioritize respect in their interactions with debtors, striving to preserve client-customer relationships whenever possible. 


While some businesses may hesitate to enlist the services of a debt collection agency due to concerns about costs, partnering with a CLLA certified agency can ultimately prove cost-effective. By outsourcing debt collection to experts, businesses save time and resources that can be used to power the business. And with a high recovery rate, the outcome is an overall profit.

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RSD is 1 of 26 agencies certified by the Commercial Law League of America and is endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Collectors. For expert business debt collection services, call (248) 370-8160 or submit a contact form here.

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