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What Makes a Great Debt Collector? Qualifications of a Collection Service

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Are your past due accounts out of control? 

Considering using a debt collector in Michigan? 

Consider the following qualifications and credentials when choosing a collection service. Check to see whether the agency… 

  • is a member of a national trade association. Membership is an indication of professional integrity.
  • has a good reputation in the community with merchants, local/state business associations and other  credit groups.
  • has complied with the state’s statutory requirements as to bond or license requirements or both.
  • charges fees that are clearly stated and seldom subject to misinterpretation. Rates and fees are usually on a contingency basis-no collection, no charge. If the collection agency requests a written contract, the agency will welcome having it reviewed by an attorney.
  • is able to place accounts with other collectors or attorneys in other areas of the country. This is known as “forwarding.”
  • is able to account to the creditor on a specified date each month for all money collected.
  • is prepared to give the best possible effort. But the agency cannot guarantee results on any specific date, as this would be misleading.
  • is equipped to work and follow all accounts diligently.
  • has complete and modern facilities for tracing debtors who skip.
  • will promptly notify you when it discovers a debtor who is a hardship case and will recommend the proper procedure to follow.
  • exhausts all reasonable means of securing voluntary payment before recommending legal action.
  • has the good will and cooperation of local lawyers, the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.

Certified Debt Collector in Michigan

Don’t stress yourself out chasing after debtors!

Ross, Stuart & Dawson is a commercial debt collector in Michigan that can help you collect quickly and with kindness, keeping the relationship between you and your debtor.

RSD is considered a “certified agency” by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and is endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC), proving their adherence to debt collection standards and practices.

Contact RSD today to start collecting!

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