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Commercial Collections

The RSD collection professionals are thoroughly trained in the art and science of commercial collections. We consider each claim to be unique, as each one has its own set of challenges. It is our job to quickly determine which collection strategy will yield the best result for our client. When one method doesn’t work, we find another one that does.

All RSD commercial claims specialists have earned certified status through the IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program. This program promotes excellence through the training and education of commercial collection professionals. 

Clients will always receive a claim acknowledgement within 24 hours upon entry of their claim placement. Our collection efforts begin immediately thereafter through a combination of demand letters, timely phone contacts, and in many cases, face-to-face visits, until the account is resolved. Our supplemental reports and client service calls keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

RSD specialists are experienced in virtually ALL B2B industries:

  •  Agriculture  

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation  

  • Wholesale

  • Finance & Insurance  

  • Services  

  • Advertising & Media  

It is very important to note that all debtor communications are handled in a diplomatic, professional manner which yields results.


Consumer Collections

The team at RSD approaches consumer collections more like ‘Problem Solving’ than traditional hard-nosed collections. It seems to be a successful philosophy for us as our clients continuously tell us. It is not uncommon for us to receive thank you notes from some of our debtors on occasion. This is made possible by a friendly, professional, but firm collection strategy adopted by all of our certified agents. People respond better when treated with respect and dignity rather than a negative, controversial approach taken by many of our competitors.  

  • Compliance  – Our collection specialists must pass rigorous testing in local, state and federal collection laws. We maintain full compliance with the FDCPA, HIPAA and the FCRA.  

  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured  

  • Online 24/7/365 Client Access & Client Support

At RSD, we only use the most proven and reliable collection strategies to ensure the highest rate of recovery for our clients.


Accounts Receivable and Distressed Portfolio Liquidation Services  

We specialize in challenging liquidation situations such as bankruptcy, mergers & acquisitions, turn-around situations, and asset seizure by secured lenders or government authorities. We will quickly “hit the ground running” and can have staff on-site at the debtor’s, client’s or engagement entity’s offices within 24 hours, as needed. Target clients include creditors, debtors, secured and unsecured lenders, banks, credit unions, asset based lenders, Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy trustees, government agencies, turn-around managers/firms, law firms, corporations divesting of regional operations or business units and debtors in possession, just to name a few. Our liquidation services are performed promptly and professionally with high recovery rates. A liquidation engagement will, on average, net our client a much higher return on the portfolio than selling it at a fraction of its value to a debt buyer.

We have outstanding resources including senior management experience, staff, and cutting edge technology to promptly act on your behalf and quickly turn the portfolio into cash. 

Liquidation Service Offerings Include:
  • Liquidation and collection of entire AR portfolios from very small to very large
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • AR and collections reporting throughout the liquidation or wind-down process including the forecasting of recoveries
  • Senior manager assigned to your portfolio will ensure that the collections and liquidation process stays on task and yields the maximum recoveries 
  • Legal review and forwarding to attorneys who specialize in Creditor’s Rights, should litigation become necessary
  • World-class technology and IT support to assist in management of the liquidation project and provide insightful and timely reporting as directed by the client
  • Customized remittance and billing options to fit the client’s needs and requirements. 


Pre-Collect Programs

RSD’s flexible pre-collect program is designed specifically for our each client’s unique requirements. The ultimate goal of the Pre-Collect Program is to create an opportunity to communicate with the debtor and re-direct them back to your company so that the situation can be resolved internally.  

The RSD Pre-Collect Program is an extension of your internal collection department’s efforts. Most pre-collect clients place accounts into this program at 60 days past due for a period of 45-60 days for a pre-determined number of verbal/written demands. Payments are made directly to the client.

  • Improved Cash Flow: Collect funds sooner and improve cash flow and your overall bottom line.  

  • Increased Efficiency: Reduces internal labor costs as much as 50-70%; let us do the work, not your staff.  

  • Impressive Results: The results of our system will exceed your expectations. 

  • Lower Costs: Collect on accounts for as little as $5 - $25 per account. Avoid the 25-50% fee you would pay a traditional collection agency.  

  • World-Class Service and Expertise: Our team is made up of college educated, highly trained professionals that get results.  



Letter Writing Services

RSD’s Letter Writing Program is a dependable step in the collection process, and is a cost effective solution for:

  •  Early out programs (30-90 days past due)  

  • Small balance accounts which don’t justify the allocation of staff resources  

  • Clients who find themselves short-handed due to lay-offs, resignations, etc.

  • Strategy for “weeding out” the easy ones to avoid paying higher agency contingency fees 

The sooner the collection process begins, the greater your chances of recovery and profitability are.  The RSD Demand Letter Program is the best first step in this process. Our letters command prompt attention and get positive results quickly.           

  • High quality appearance that commands immediate attention  

  • In full compliance with the FDCPA.  Each letter has been  

  • Reviewed by an attorney for FDCPA compliance  

  • Proven effectiveness on moderately past due accounts

  • Custom programs to suit client requirements  




Should you find that you don't have the time or staff to send demand letters/copies of bills, make collection calls or do follow-up on payment promises, this is where we come in.    

  • Reduces costs - eliminates internal expenses for letters, phone calls, staff hiring and training  
  • Improves cash flow by allowing RSD professionals collect your receivables quicker and more efficiently  
  • Frees up your existing staff so they can concentrate on more productive tasks  
  • Improve customer retention  
  • Improve collections 

You retain complete control of each account and all funds are paid directly to you by the customer. You can accept or reject payment arrangements, settlements, or stop the service at any time. You decide the outcome. 



Litigation Management

  •  With RSD, clients will never incur any legal expenses without your authorization. We will  always obtain your approval prior to forwarding a claim to legal Counsel.

  • Only experienced attorneys who specialize in collections and are bonded by a law list are used by our firm. Our relationships with an international network of attorneys allow us to obtain the best possible fee arrangement for you.

  • Unlike many of our competitors, RSD has learned what our clients do not like about the legal process: costs, paperwork, and the lengthy nature of litigation. RSD has carefully designed our process with this in mind.

  • Attorney selection – Attorneys are carefully screened and interviewed to ensure that they comply with our high standards of service.

  • Court Costs – RSD negotiates with attorneys to get the lowest possible suit requirements and related costs.

  • RSD continues to monitor each case throughout the litigation process to ensure that attorneys are providing regular updates as well as adhering to timelines associated with each step of the process.



International Collections

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with RSD for your international files is our worldwide network of collection agency and law firm partners. By leveraging our membership with the IACC (International Association of Commercial Collectors), we have access to and have established partnerships with many other IACC colleagues who:

  • Adhere to the IACC code of ethics 

  • Specialize and excel at commercial collections  

  • Understand the local customs, cultures, laws, and nuances unique to each country  

  • Manage the foreign currencies and exchange rates

  • Are able to eliminate the language and time zone challenges

The IACC network allows RSD to effectively manage your collection process in virtually every country in which you do business…from Istanbul, Turkey to the Jiangsu province of China.  Our seamless integration with our foreign partners keeps the flow of communication, and more importantly, your funds, moving in a positive direction. 



Credit/Collection Seminars

Seminars and webinars are offered periodically to our clients to keep them abreast of current issues and trends that affect their credit and collection departments. Participating in these events allows you to continue adding to your knowledge base while demonstrating your leadership role within your company.

Attendees typically  include CFO’s, Controllers, Credit Managers, Sales/Sales Managers, credit staffs and collectors. Our seminars range anywhere 1 hour to a full day and cover topics such as: Collection Strategies, Credit Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Legal Collections and International Collections.



Consultation Services

RSD has provided collection consulting services to hundreds of companies over the past 35 years. Clients rely on RSD to guide them down the path to sound and effective credit/collection policies and programs. We offer consulting to the smallest businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 corporations. Whatever your needs and goals are, RSD can assist you in meeting them. Our consulting services can be completed via in-house consulting, teleconferences, or webinars.



Experian Business Credit Reports

Experian's business credit reports are highly respected for their impartial and independent analysis of more than 27 million credit-active companies in the U.S. alone. With approximately 30 years of experience and more than 30,000 clients in North America, Experian combines their unsurpassed data with the knowledge, expertise and creativity to help companies build successful relationships with their customers. Experian business credit reports are reliable, accurate and unbiased, allowing for an objective view of a company's overall financial health. Unlike many competitors, Experian's business credit data is collected from trusted 3rd party sources containing trade payment experiences, public record information, company background, and comparative data.

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